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Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) is a new exciting way to improve and rejuvenate your skin.  This broad spectrum light can treat a variety of spots at the time.  IPL improves the appearance of photo aged skin, removes age spots, and redness caused by capillaries.  This process is ideal for patients with active lifestyles because there is no down time.  this treatment can be used on the face, neck, chest and hands. 

Dr. Patricia Dickerson performs advanced IPL treatments for patients from Centerville, Dayton, Middletown, Cincinnati, Columbus and throughout Ohio to safely, easily, and effectively treat many benign pigmented and vascular skin lesions on an out-patient basis.

What are vascular and pigmented lesions?

Skin blemishes due to abnormal blood vessels located directly under your skin's surface that give the skin a red color are called vascular lesions. Pigmented lesions are caused by a proliferation of melanocytes in the skin. Melanocytes contain the cells that manufacture melanin, which is the dark pigment in skin.

How do IPL treatments work?

IPL treatments are performed with a non-invasive medical system that uses intense pulsed light therapy to reduce melanin, the dark pigment in your skin.

The light energy is gently delivered to your skin in pulses, through a delicate, computer-controlled handpiece. When IPL used on red spots and capillaries work based on changing the hemoglobin in the vessels of the skin. After your IPL treatment, the treated vein, lesion or hair will gradually fade and slowly disappear.

What conditions can IPL treat?

  • Freckles
  • Age Spots (Lentigos)
  • Sun Spots (Solar Lentigos)
  • Cafe au Lait Macules (Birthmarks)
  • Seborrheic Keratoses
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Port Wine Stains
  • Rosacea
  • Spider Veins (Face and Legs)

Can IPL treatments remove unwanted hair?

Yes. IPL treatments can remove unwanted hair from any part of your body. The pigment in your hair's follicle absorbs the light energy from the IPL. This destroys the follicle so that it cannot grow. However, your hair grows in cycles, and only the hair that is visible can be treated. As a result, multiple treatments will be required for optimal results. Our patients love IPL treatments because once a follicle is destroyed, it will never grow again!

Are IPL treatments safe?

Yes. IPL systems have been used successfully in hundreds of thousands of treatments. IPL allows your doctor to customize each treatment to your specific skin type and condition being treated. This flexible, interactive approach to treatment cannot be reached using any other non-invasive treatment currently available.

Do IPL treatments hurt?

Some patients say they feel a slight sting, like the snap of a rubber band on the skin, followed by the feeling of sunburn. However, anesthetics are not necessary. Topical numbing cream is recommended for the most comfortable experience.  It is best applied 30 minutes prior to treatment and again at 15 minutes before.

There are several benefits to IPL treatments:

  • little bruising or swelling
  • no downtime
  • no damage to the surface of the skin
  • makeup can be applied immediately

How many treatments are required?

This depends on the size, location, depth and color of your lesion. Spider veins on the face and age spots generally do well with 4-8 treatments, 3-4 weeks apart. Darker or deeper birthmarks may require additional treatments. Port wine stains, hemangiomas and leg veins usually experience satisfactory results from IPL treatments, although as many as 4 - 8 treatment sessions may be required. Each session usually lasts 15 - 20 minutes. Treatments should be placed 3 - 6 weeks apart to allow your body to remove the maximum amount of pigment cells. You will continue to see a lightening of your lesion after each treatment as your body disposes of the pigment cells.

What results can you expect from IPL treatments?

After Dr. Dickerson performs IPL treatments, most patients will see improvement in their vascular and pigmented lesions. The improvement can be quite dramatic. However, as with any medical procedure, there is always a possibility that only minor changes will occur and in rare cases there is no response.

Find out if you could benefit from this procedure. Schedule your consultation with our practice today.