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  • Your skin condition will be improved by cryosurgery (Liquid Nitrogen).
  • Sometimes treatments need to be repeated to get the desired result. Unfortunately, no one can guarantee the lesions will be gone after one treatment. You may need to return to the office more than once for treatments to achieve complete resolution.
  • This is very cold and you will feel a stinging sensation at treatment which gradually improves.
  • If you have discomfort at home, take Tylenol or soak the area in tepid water.
  • Sometimes a large blister will occur, sometimes with blood in it. This stretches the skin and will cause discomfort. It will feel better if you let the fluid out. You can put a needle in alcohol to sterilize it before puncturing the blister.
  • If you do not have a blister, no specific skin care is needed. However, you can apply polysporin ointment.
  • You may get swelling, crusting or redness at the site of treatment. In a few people, there is a good strong response to treatment with severe swelling, pain and redness. If this happens, come to the office as soon as possible.
  • Some people get a change in the pigment after treatment. This is usually temporary, but occasionally permanent. Rarely there is pain or scarring for a prolonged time.
  • The treated area will come off in about 1-6 weeks.

Call our office if you have any questions or problems.